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Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times
Michael Oliver's Plate Tectonics Bode Well for Gold Shares
Jay Taylor's,, guests include: Jeff Deist, Dr. Mark Thornton, John Rubino and Michael Oliver. Deist questions Austrian school economist Thornton about the real reason for booms and busts and concludes that it’s impossible to know exactly when a boom will turn to a bust. Oliver agrees that it’s impossible to know exactly when a boom will end but this veteran technical analyst has an enviable track record for determining when you can safely take a longer term position on either the long or short side of a market. Michael has now correctly called major market turns for gold, commodities, the dollar, T-Bonds and stocks. The fundamentals underlying those markets will be the topic discussed with Rubino with a possible contribution from Michael as well. Jay Taylor and Rubino will also talk about some exceptionally promising junior exploration stocks.

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It’s Time to Buy Gold as Insurance
Investors in the resource sector are starting to lick their chops at the prospects of $5,000 to $10,000 gold within the next few years or perhaps sooner.

Are These Beneficiaries of Back to School Shopping Smart Additions for your Portfolio?
A National Retail Federation survey indicated that combined back-to-school/college spending was expected to hit an all-time high this year, projected to reach $83.6 billion (a more than 10 percent increase from last year’s $75.8 billion). Investment and personal finance expert Brent Wilsey provides commentary and perspective on this niche within the tumultuous retail sector, including recent and forecasted performance metrics as well as few retail stocks worth acquiring, to sit on, and to sell at this juncture.

The 3-Prolonged Approach to Identity Protection
VIDEO: As much as we try to protect ourselves from identity theft, we can’t always prevent it. In this video, Adam Levin, chairman and founder of CyberScout and author of Swiped, explains his three-pronged approach to protection from identity theft as well as what to do in the event that your identity is stolen. Mr. Levin’s three-pronged approach is as follows – minimize your exposure, monitor your information and manage the damage if your information is stolen. First, you minimize your exposure by taking proactive steps such as using strong passwords and limiting sharing of important data. Second, you monitor by checking credit scores, watching your accounts and knowing what companies are doing with your personal data. Finally, you manage the damage if your information or identity is stolen. View Now.

Renting Out Your Vacation Home? Anticipate the Tax Impact
When buying a vacation home, the primary objective is usually to provide a place for many years of happy memories. But you might also view the property as an income-producing investment and choose to rent it out when you’re not using it. Let’s take a look at how the IRS generally treats income and expenses associated with a vacation home.

Chinese Gold Production Sharply Lower in 2017, While Demand Remains Lacklustre
For many years, China has dominated the global gold market. The country surpassed South Africa in 2007 to become the largest gold producer, and in 2013 it overtook India to become the largest gold jewellery and physical investment market. Recently, however, China has seen a reversal in both segments.

Financial Advisor Provides Life Tips for Millennials
Statistics show that employed millennials are making approximately 20 percent less than people of the same age a generation ago. And there are many also searching for employment.” Securing good employment is key to financial success and that, if millennials approach the job search strategically, they do not have to become part of the statistics.

Gold: The Total Eclipse of Donald Trump

John Ing, Maison Placements: There was a time when gold was money. In today’s uncertain world, the yellow metal is back in vogue. Part of gold’s allure is its traditional status as a safe haven when everything else seems risky. But the biggest driver behind the move through $1,300 an ounce is a depreciating greenback, on concerns that the political circus in Washington will eventually impair the government’s ability to function, weighing ever more heavily on our overvalued markets. To be sure, a worsening geo-political climate, the upcoming “debt mess” discussions and Trump’s shutdown threat adds fuel to the fire. Americans run out of money in October. Gold is a good thing to have. Mr. Ing comments on Agnico Eagle Mines, B2Gold, Barrick Gold, Eldorado Gold, Goldcorp, Detour Gold, Newmont, New Gold and Yamana.

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Coal Stocks: The Most Hated Sector?
The coal mining companies are among the most out-of-favor companies in the stock market today. As contrarian investments, these stocks have real appeal. Here are a number of publicly-traded coal companies that could reward contrary-minded investors. Several are limited partnerships, which are taxed differently, at both the corporate and investor levels, compared to common stocks.

Money Has Lost Its Value
Eight years after our near meltdown in 2008, trust in our politicians, central banks and the intelligentsia have eroded, in part due to the failed promises and solutions which, beside pushing up asset prices has resulted in the an anemic economic recovery despite rounds and rounds of monetary stimulus and the lowest rates in 5,000 years. Consequently, voter frustration, disillusionment and anger has led to a rise in populism and radical political solutions, such as Brexit. As such investors are more concerned about the return of their money, rather than the return. Investors beware, better to come up with a Plan B. Gold is everyone's Plan B.

Chinese Gold Production Sharply Lower in 2017
Gold is an alternative investment to the overvalued dollar for China and the central banks. John Ing, Maison Placements, believes the price rise in gold is telling, a truism, not about gold, but about the US dollar. Ing gives his recommendations for Barrick, Centerra Gold, Centamin, Detour Gold, Kinross, New Gold, and Goldcorp.

Forget Oil Prices, Oil Majors are a Buy
Oil stocks have been performing dismally this year, and oil prices have failed to sustain a rally, so why are these stocks still attractive? Low valuations and high dividend yields, say analysts. Supermajor oil companies are living a new reality that is based on new profits in a forever-low oil price environment – and globally, analysts say, the oil sector is a great investment.

Investment Newsletter Digest
The nation’s leading commodity newsletters and analysts give their “Buy” forecasts on Lithium, Copper, Palladium, Gold Miners and Income Trusts.



Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

Best Stocks to Buy Now – Ever wondered which stock is the best to purchase in your state? In a Special Report, Kiplinger’s Best Stocks to Buy Now has you covered, providing a diverse state-by-state breakdown of the top companies to invest in based on where they are headquartered. Here are 18 of the states covered. Read full Special Report.

Midyear Investing Outlook – Investors today can benefit from a rare period of sustained, synchronized economic expansion across the globe. Where to put your money now for the rest of 2017.

Gold & Silver Forecasts: Analysts Mildly Optimistic – In mid-July with gold trading at $1,237 and silver at $16.18, we updated and revisit what LBMA contributing analysts had forecast for gold and silver and what they think are the key drivers likely to influence precious metal prices over the year.

Cheap Stocks for A Pricey Market – We went looking for stocks that seemed cheaper than they deserved to, and came up with these stocks.

Silicon Valley’s Unicorns are Overvalued – New research examines fair market value of startups worth over $1 billion and finds huge discrepancies in their purported worth.

What’s Next for the Dollar, Stocks, Bonds and Gold – The Fed’s “balance sheet reduction” may have profound implications for the dollar, gold, stocks and bonds.

Earnings Trends Draw Attention to Technology – Large technology stocks such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet played a notable role in making the technology sector the market’s best performer through the first six months of this year. Technological transformation marches on, say analysts.

Investment Newsletter Digest – Buy/Sell advice from the world’s top-performing investment pros. Top Stock Picks of the Month. Seasoned advisors and traders give their “Buy” recommendations for Small- Mid-Cap Stocks, Blue Chips, Tech, Turnaround Situations, Gold and Silver Stocks, Energy Stocks and Trading Strategies.

The Bull & Bear: Analysis, Strategies and Top Stock Picks

To Save More, Focus on the Future
Financial health has both economic and emotional dimensions, and the right balance of the two is crucial for success with your money.

Invest Your Way to a Million
Asked about his investing success, Warren Buffett attributed it to “living in America, lucky genes and compound interest.” That may sound glib, but it highlights two great ways you can build wealth.

10 Tips for Preventing Laptop and Mobile Device Theft
In today’s business environment, the theft or loss of even a single laptop computer cell phone or tablet can be devastating. Here are some tips to help you prevent mobile device theft.

Strategies for a Volatile Market
Feeling skittish about stocks? You're forgiven. Some strategists say stocks have climbed too far, too fast, since the election, reflecting hopes for gains in the economy that may never come. Doubts about the administration's ability to work with Congress to pass President Trump's legislative agenda have heightened market volatility, too. If all this has you spooked, here are four ways to protect your gains or profit from a slump.

Flush with Cash, Global Miners Promise Prudence, Dividends
For the first time in four years, the world’s biggest miners are awash in cash, riding a wave of cost cuts and a recovery in raw material prices from coal to zinc last year.

Leave The Legacy You Want With This End-Of-Life Checklist
A lifetime of hard work may have rewarded you with a nice home and hefty bank accounts, but what happens to all those assets once you’re gone?

How to Get a Great Deal on a Lease
Leasing accounted for nearly one in three new-car transactions in 2016. With a lease, you pay for a car's depreciation only over the term of the lease, which means payments are lower than if you financed the entire cost of the car. Plus, with most lease terms, you're always under warranty. Here are some terms you should know.

Why Being Friends With Your Broker Could Cost You Money
Building a trusting relationship with a financial professional is important. But be wary of becoming too close.

The Golden Rule of Estate Planning: Your Spouse Comes First
RBC Wealth Management Offers Tips to Help Married Couples Leave a Family Financial Legacy

What to Ask Before Investing in Natural Resource Stocks
Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., says that the 'management interview' is critical before investing in any junior resource company. Here are the questions to ask before investing.

Brent Cook Reveals His Rules and Guidelines for Evaluating Junior Exploration Projects and Companies
Independent exploration analyst, Brent Cook and a number of his accomplished friends have compiled a list of "must read" rules and guidelines for evaluating junior exploration projects and companies.

Documents You Need When Disaster Strikes
Financial advisers say people who identify and prepare key documents long before calamity strikes can avoid unnecessary damage to their personal finances in the wake of a fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster. What you need...

Five Username Mistakes That Can Be Worse Than Using the Same Password for All Your Online Accounts
Usernames that you have created for email accounts, social media could be delivering all their private details into the hands of cyber criminals – no password needed. These five common mistakes should be avoided when creating a username.

The Bull & Bear NewsWire

SLAM Exploration Ltd.
SLAM Acquires Additional Zinc Properties

SLAM Exploration Ltd. recently announced that it has acquired additional mineral claims in the Bathurst Mining Camp (“BMC”) of New Brunswick, Canada.

Urban Communications Inc.
Urban Communications, one of the first companies to deliver Gigabit Internet service to the home, today announced another consecutive record breaking quarter.

Urban Communications Inc.
Urban Communications Inc. has engaged Larry Turel to provide corporate development services.

Fairmont Resources Inc..
Fairmont Resources Inc. Requests and Receives Short Extension For Grabasa Acquisition from the Spanish Court in Badajoz.

Great Panther Silver Ltd. Reports Fiscal Year 2016 Financial Results.
Improved metal prices, combined with a 20% reduction in GPRs all-in sustaining costs to $10.99, resulted in Great Panther delivering a 404% increase in mine operating earnings in 2016.

Puma Exploration Inc..
Puma Exploration Provides Update on the Murray Brook Property Acquisition.

Is Art a Good Investment?
A group of researchers say you should buy paintings if you like looking at them, but not to make money
Art has been emerging as a new asset class for the well-diversified portfolio. The reported returns are enough to catch anyone’s eye: the index of fine art sales, used by art advisors to sell art funds, shows an average annual return of 10% over the past four decades. Investors are embracing art-as-an-asset-class as if it were a newly discovered van Gogh. But is it?

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Start It Up: Five Surprisingly Great Times to Launch Your Business
Many people want to start their own businesses, but feel that “it’s just not the right time.” Sean C. Castrina explains why five common excuses should actually be used as motivation to become your own boss.

No Money, No Problem: Eleven Tips for a Start-up
Business with Very Little Cash (and a Great Idea)

Many entrepreneurs kick off their ventures on a budget so lean it’s beyond shoestring; it’s dental floss! That’s especially true in an era where credit is almost impossible to come by. Michael Houlihan, one of the founders of Barefoot Wine, explains how to get the biggest possible bang out of very few start-up bucks.

9 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Much has been written about the classic financial mistakes that plague start-ups, family businesses, corporations and charities. Aside from these blunders, there are also some classic financial missteps that plague retirees.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the Cosmos—Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

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