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Base Metals & Precious Metals Outlook. Rare Earths, Copper Survey, Uranium Stocks that will benefit from a rebound in prices. Top Stock Picks by top-performing investment newsletter editors, analysts, and money managers.

Featured Articles Inside This Issue:
Rare Earths Are Still Rare: And China Still Has Nearly All Of Them. Rare earth elements, or at least some of them – the ones that are truly rare – are metals needed to make permanent magnets, that is, magnets that don’t rapidly lose their charge. Such magnets are critical in alternative energies as well as in some advanced defense systems. For the U.S. to maintain a leading role in the world as the 21st century progresses, access to rare earth metals is essential.
Base Metals and Precious Metals Outlook. Some industrial commodities are making the transition from surplus to deficit, according to Natixis Commodities Research analysts. They give their analysis and 2014/2015 Outlook for Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver and PGMs
Copper Survey 2014. A surplus in the copper market is expected to weigh on prices this year as demand struggles to keep pace with a ramp-up in mine supply, notes metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS in its annual copper survey.
Uranium Stocks That Will Benefit From A Rebound in Prices. A top-ranked analyst believes that reactor restarts in Japan is the fundamental requirement for a rebound in uranium prices. There are 71 nuclear reactors under construction globally. But the Japanese restarts will send a strong signal to the rest of the world that Japan is maintaining its long term view that nuclear must be part of its energy mix.
The Resource Investor’s Investment Newsletter Digest. Featuring the most diversified and largest digest of investment advisory newsletters being published today in both print and online Solid investment advice from the world’s best performing market timers. Leading investment experts give their views, Top Stock Picks, Oil & Gas stocks, Trading Strategies, Gold, and Silver stocks and Trends.
Profiled Company: Barkerville Gold Mines


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Discover what the world’s most successful investment experts are recommending for Small-Mid Cap, Blue Chip stocks, Precious Metals stocks and trends, Energy stocks, and money-making trading strategies. Discover the hidden “gems” long before the general investing public.

Featured Articles Inside This Issue:
Palladium vs. Platinum: Supply-Demand Fundamentals Are Best for Higher Prices: David Morgan,, finds palladium and platinum to be very attractive currently and favors palladium over platinum. His reasons and how to play the sector inside…
Reactor Restarts in Japan Could Be Catalyst for Uranium Price Rebound: The fundamentals for uranium remain strong. Japanese restarts will be the catalyst to kick start uranium buying and contracting. 71 nuclear reactors are under construction globally. By 2020 the WNA expects demand to increase from 17MM lbs to 32MM lbs and double again to 64MM lbs by 2030. Top Uranium Picks include…
The Promise of Bioscience: Once Science Fiction, Now Reality. Imagine living until you are 150 years old. Impossible? Until recently, yes. But in bioscience, science fiction is becoming reality.
Why Everyone Needs a Financial Planner and How to Make the Most of the Relationship. Here’s how to get the most out of working with a financial planner and ten important questions to consider in selecting a qualified advisor.
Utilities Still Have Some Utility. A world with widely available clean energy is no longer part of some far-off future. Long dismissed as too expensive, too intermittent, or both, subsidies and technology improvements have made solar and wind energy more competitive with fossil fuels.
Price Forecasts for Platinum and Palladium. Over 20 of the world’s leading analysts give their predictions for the average price and range (low and high price) for the year ahead for Platinum and Palladium, and what factors are likely to affect their price.
Investment Newsletter Digest. Featuring the most diversified and largest digest of investment advisory newsletters being published today in both print and online. Top-performing newsletter editors and investment experts give their Top Stock Picks of the Month, Trading Strategies, insightful views on Domestic and International stock markets, Oil & Gas, Gold, Silver stocks, Precious Metals trends, Energy sector.
Investment Seminars. Information on Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, May 12-13, New York; MoneyShow, May 12-15, Las Vegas; Canadian Investor Conference, June 1-2, Vancouver, BC.

Investing in Mining and Resource Companies using the JOBS Act
Have you ever invested in a mining or resource company? As with any investment, resource investments have their own unique set of risks, risks that many investors have chosen to avoid over the last several years as metals prices have fluctuated greatly. Legislation is changing though, potentially making it different to invest in small businesses in every industry, mining included. 

Raising Funds for your Mining or Resource Company using the JOBS Act
Like many industries, the mining and resource company world has seen its share of struggle in raising funds to fuel projects over the past few years. As resource companies capital needs become more urgent many organizations are putting their funding hopes into new legislation in anticipation of being able to raise capital in ways they couldn’t previously.

Henning: Musings of a Stock Market Curmudgeon
They, They, They

By Thomas Henning
The Potomac River’s tower of babble has increased the flood of moral and intellectually degenerate offal to overflowing levels as the international bond markets have broken down, driving up interest rates, accentuating the pressure on the already insolvent banking and financial system.


Bull & Bear's GOLD STOCK NEWS...

Gold: This bull market has just begun. Gold shares poised to rise further and are set to continue outperforming gold this year and next says the Aden Forecast. Investing in mining companies using the JOBS Act. Leading analysts give their predictions for the average price and range for the year ahead for Gold and Silver and what factors may affect their price.

Gold & Silver Forecast 2014: Over 25 of the world’s leading analysts give their predictions for the average price and range (low and high price) for the year ahead for gold and silver, and what factors are likely to affect their price. The analysts discuss ETFs, how a stronger U.S. dollar and minimal inflation might impact gold sales, Gold and Silver’s supply/demand fundamentals, U.S. monetary policy and markets’ anticipation of it remains key to gold.
Gold Shares Poised to Rise Further: Pamela and Mary Anne Aden, The Aden Forecast, like gold shares and recommend buying both gold and gold shares. Gold shares are set to continue outperforming gold and could outperform gold this year and possibly next, say the Aden sisters. They go on to say that Silver has been quietly bottoming and is ready to take off and follow gold.
Barkerville Gold Mines is set to begin full-fledged gold production from its high-grade Bonanza Ledge open pit deposit this spring. Barkerville Gold has established a solid foundation for potentially spectacular growth as a mid-tier gold explorer and producer.
Investing in Mining and Resource Companies using the JOBS Act. As an investor, how the current and upcoming rules stemming from the JOBS Act affect your investing potential? It depends on where you fit on the accreditation matrix and your comfort level of providing financial information to issuers or others.
This Bull Market Has Just Begun: John Ing, Maison Placements Canada, says the gold mining industry has undergone massive changes and is profitable. He believes the mining stocks have turned around and sees indications that the huge private equity players are kicking the tires of many of the cast-offs of the senior producers. He believes these private equity funds will even resort to privatizing some of these players because reserves are very cheap, a prerequisite for some of these vulture players. Ing discusses Agnico Eagle, Allied Nevada Gold Corp., Barrick Gold, Centerra Gold, Detour Gold, Eldorado Gold, IAMGOLD, New Gold, Osisko Mining and Yamana Gold.

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.
To Commence Full Gold Production
at QR Mill this Spring; $15 Million Financing
Jump-Starts Expected 25,000 Oz. Au Annual Yield


The Bull & Bear NewsWire

Real “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort on Scorsese Film, Gold & Market Philosophy
VIDEO: The real “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort is known to most as the inspiration behind Martin Scorsese’s raucous film depicting the often excessive lifestyle of stock brokers; but who’s the man behind the myth? Jordan Belfort sat down to speak w/ Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone, before his Canadian speaking tour, to discuss everything from gold and the commodities super-cycle, to derivatives and changing market philosophies.

Goldman Sachs Upgrades Gold/Silver Stocks to Neutral; Barrick Upped to Buy

Osisko Mining Corporation Announces Mailing of Notice of Change to Directors’ Circular in Response to Revised Unsolicited Proposal From Goldcorp Inc.

Romios’ Ztem Survey Results on the Newmont Lake Property Identifies Additional Copper-Gold-Silver Porphyry Targets

American Manganese Inc. Acquires Silica Deposit for Emerging Lithium Ion Battery Technology
American Manganese Inc. reports that the Company has acquired by staking the Koot mineral claims: A high grade silica (SiO2) prospect. “Researchers have improved the performance and capacity of lithium batteries by developing better-performing, cheaper materials for use in anodes and cathodes. Traditionally, lithium-ion batteries contain a graphite anode, but silicon has recently emerged as a promising anode substitute because it is the second most abundant element on earth and has a theoretical capacity of 3600 milliamp hours per gram (mAh/g), almost 10 times the capacity of graphite.”

Batero Gold Corp. Launches Corporate Shared Value Alliance Program In Quinchia, Risaralda (Colombia)

US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases
Add the U.S. Postal Service to the list of federal agencies seeking to purchase what some Second Amendment activists say are alarmingly large quantities of ammunition.

Russia Has a Secret Weapon Against the West, and It’s Not Oil, Gas or Nukes

China Gold Demand to Rise, World Gold Council Says
China’s demand for gold is set to rise by about 20% over the next few years, the World Gold Council has estimated, as the population becomes more wealthy.

China’s Latest Crackdown on Porn Has Little to Do With Porn
China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications just announced another big campaign against pornography. The “Cleaning the web” initiative targets: websites, search portals, mobile app stores, and set-top boxes that provide access to porn.

Argonaut Gold Announces Q1 Production of 30,963 Gold Equivalent Ounces, an Increase of 4% Over Prior Year

Cartier Discovers Extension of Pusticamica Deposit at Depth
Cartier Resources Inc. announces recent results from its 2014 winter diamond drill program.

Endeavour Silver Extends New High Grade Silver-Gold Mineralization in
Villalpando-Asuncion Vein at El Cubo Mine over 800 Metre Length

Fortuna Reports Record Production of 1.5 Million Ounces of
Silver and 8,150 Ounces of Gold For First Quarter 2014
Fortuna Silver Mines, Inc.announces first quarter 2014 production figures from its two operating mines in Latin America, the San Jose mine in Mexico and the Caylloma mine in Peru.

Silvercrest Announces Q1 Production 201,101 Ounces Silver and 7,545 Ounces Gold
SilverCrest Mines Inc. announces silver and gold production numbers for the first quarter of 2014 from its 100% owned Santa Elena Mine located in Sonora, Mexico.

Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. Announces First Gold Dore Bar Pour and Mining Update

25 Huge Trends That Will Make People Billions Of Dollars

Solar Jumps to 22% of New US Generation Capacity in 2013
Solar continues to look more and more like a mainstream energy source.

Uranium Prices Seen Rising in 2014 – Adnani
Amir Adnani, chief executive officer of Uranium Energy Corp., which mines and processes the nuclear fuel in Texas, talks about the outlook for the uranium market. He speaks with Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.”

He Started A Website In College — Now 130 Million People Read It And Investors Beat Down Doors To Give Him $40 Million

DTS8 Coffee Starts Online Coffee Sales in China to Accelerate Revenue Growth
DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd. is entering into the online coffee market by introducing its artisan roasted coffees for sale on a number of Chinese e-commerce websites.

The Battle for Osisko Mining: A Good Sign for the Gold Mining Sector?
When this merger activity starts to wake back up, it could signal the start of a rebound from a bear market. Mergers signal that companies feel more confident that the worst is behind them; it indicates that they are more aggressive and preparing for rising metals prices.

Barkerville Announces the First Month Mining Update, Five Gold Doré Bars Poured
Kevin McMurren, Mine Manager for Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. reported an update on milling operations at its QR Mill facility near Quesnel, British Columbia.

Being Street Smart
More To Economic Slowdown Than Weather
The stock market has hung in there so far this year in spite of negative economic reports from December through February that indicated the economy was slowing significantly.

Torex Executes Commitment Letterfor US$375 Million Project Finance Facility
Torex Gold Resources Inc. announced the signing of a binding commitment letter with Bank of Montreal, BNP Paribas, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ING Bank N.V., Société Générale, and The Bank of Nova Scotia in connection with a planned US $375 million 8.25-year senior secured project finance facility for the development of the El Limon – Guajes Project, located on the Company’s 100% owned Morelos Gold Property in Mexico.

Energizer Resources Finalizes Molo Graphite Project Acquisition
Energizer Resources Inc. announces that it has finalized the purchase of the remaining 25% interest in the Molo Graphite Project from joint venture partner Malagasy Minerals Limited.

Five Ways to Preserve Wealth for the Next Generation
Tax and Estate Planning Attorney Steven Felsenthal, explains five ways to successfully preserve and pass your assets to your next of kin.

U.S. Investors Optimistic About Investments and
Favor U.S. Equities According to New Legg Mason Survey
According to a new survey of affluent U.S. investors by Legg Mason, 86% are optimistic about investments and 74% believe that U.S. equities offer the greatest opportunities over the next 12 months.

First BRICS. Then PIIGs. Now, The Formidable 5.
In recent years, economists have had a thing about easily pronounceable acronyms for groups of countries in similar situations. It started with the fast-growing emerging market BRICs and continued with the heavily indebted euro-area group known as PIIGS. Last year, when investors began worrying about Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Africa, an apt acronym didn’t jump to mind. So they got a more prosaic appellation: “the Fragile Five.”

Will Earth Day Benefit These 7 Environmentally Friendly Companies?
The first Earth Day was held in 1970, the result of a surging environmental movement that started to gain traction in the mid-20th century. Will these 7 environmentally friendly companies see a boost from Earth Day-inspired awareness?

Financial Market Warning Signs
For those that are actually loving the rise in this U.S. financial market this past week, Warren Buffett has some pretty cheeky advice to share in his annual letter to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

Growing Supply to Pressure Copper Prices This Year
A surplus in the copper market is expected to weigh on prices this year as demand struggles to keep pace with a ramp-up in mine supply, notes metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS.

For Growth, Look To Israel
With more start-up businesses per capita than anywhere in the world, Israel is brimming with tantalizing investment prospects.

Protect Your Identity
Identity theft has moved well beyond compromised credit cards. Fraudsters are piggybacking on victims’ utilities accounts, running up unauthorized charges on mobile-phone accounts and infiltrating other Internet accounts.

What Records Should I Save?
I just filed my taxes and am wondering what records I need to hold on to and what I can throw away?

Emerging Markets Can Manage Evolving Mix of Global Investors
The mix of investors in emerging markets stocks and bonds has evolved considerably over the past 15 years, which has made capital flows and asset prices in these countries more sensitive to events outside their own borders, according to new research from the International Monetary Fund.

How Government Propaganda Prevents Wealth Protection
When people believe the economy is improving they spend and subsequently the economy improves – at least in theory. In truth, it lulls people into falsely believing things are better than they are. Wall Street goes one step further. It relentlessly disparages precious metals, the one asset class that could provide wealth preservation protection.

Cheap Water is Running Dry
Americans, unlike people in many parts of the world, tend to take clean water for granted.

Small Banks, Big Dividends
Not all banks have been dividend duds.

7 Myths of CEO Succession
Are Boards Taking the Right Steps to Find the Next CEO?
The CEO’s departure is, sooner or later, inevitable – but are companies prepared for it?

How to Combat Data Theft
Highly publicized security breaches at large retailers have left consumers looking for guidance on how to guard their financial information. We have answers to your questions about what to do in the event of a data breach.

Companies Keep Up Their Buyback Binge
Some of the biggest buyers of U.S. stocks in the past few years have been U.S. companies themselves as they pick up their own shares at bargain prices.

Best Bets in European Stocks
Five years after the financial crisis swept across the world, the recovery in Europe, though modest, is real. We think these European stocks should benefit from the blossoming recovery.

Collecting Business Cards Isn’t Enough: Seven Ways to Supernetwork Your Way to Success
In most careers there are 20-25 relationships that truly matter. Knowing how to segment these contacts out from the others makes all the difference. 
Here’s how to recognize and cultivate your “critical few” – and how to handle the rest.

Protecting Your “A” Factor: 16 Accountability Killers to Avoid
It’s easy to assume that you’re an accountable person if you don’t tell outrageous lies 
and generally follow through on your commitments. Inside lists 16 
common “accountability killers” you might otherwise be tempted to overlook.

Rick Rule: Coming Natural Resource Market Will ‘Elate or Terrify You’
Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings believes we have reached a bear-market bottom in precious metals and natural resources. He says we’ll see a rising market with higher highs and higher lows. We’ll also see high volatility – which one day will elate you and another day will terrify you. That’s the way this works.

Chemical Stocks: Likely to Bubble Up?
Many chemical companies appear to be well-positioned to profit from the continuing economic rebound in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Increased industrial activity will boost demand for numerous chemical products. Moreover, low natural gas prices in the U.S. are a boon to domestic chemical producers since they use gas as both an energy source and a raw material.

Will China Overtake the U.S. as World Leader and Reserve Currency?
Will China Overtake the U.S. as World Leader and Reserve Currency? This has not happened yet, but it may not be far down the road if the US does not get its fiscal house in order, says Dawn Bennett, Bennett Group Financial Services.

Energy Sectors Poised to Run…Except One
US energy stocks outperformed Canadian ones last year – but in the last few months, E&P equities in the Great White North have soared. Why? The low Canadian dollar has a lot to do with it, adding an extra 6-10% to the Canadian oil price – which of course is ALL profit.

China’s Green Awakening
In the last four years, China has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest manufacturer and relieved Japan of its bragging rights as the world’s second-largest economy. But those economic strides have come at a cost. On some days, the air pollution in major Chinese cities is severe enough to shut schools and ground airplanes.

Equity Funding Portal PennStarter Launched, and Begins Advertising Private Placements Under the JOBS act
PennStarter,, a division of privately owned broker-dealer Pennaluna & Company,, are using their equity funding portal to represent advertised investment opportunities under the JOBS Act.

Is Art a Good Investment?
A group of researchers say you should buy paintings if you like looking at them, but not to make money
Art has been emerging as a new asset class for the well-diversified portfolio. The reported returns are enough to catch anyone’s eye: the index of fine art sales, used by art advisors to sell art funds, shows an average annual return of 10% over the past four decades. Investors are embracing art-as-an-asset-class as if it were a newly discovered van Gogh. But is it?

Do You Live in Fear of an IRS Audit?
5 Red Flags to Avoid on Your Return

Lowering your IRS profile will help minimize your chances of being audited. Here are five ways to help you stay off the audit list.

Back to the Polls
James Stack, InvesTech Research: 2014 is a mid-term election year. In the 4-year Presidential Election cycle, the Presidential Election year has historically been one of relative stability and generally positive outcome for the stock market. However, mid-term election years are anything but stable.

Taking the Plunge Early
Bob Parisi was determined to retire while he was still healthy enough to enjoy it. How did the Parisis manage to retire early and send three kids to college?

Fast Fixes for Money Mishaps
Act quickly to minimize the financial damage. Your income tax bill is way more than you expected, and you can’t come up with the money by April 15.

Make Your Nest Egg Tax-Efficient
When calculating living expenses in retirement, many preretirees forget to include taxes. That’s a big mistake because when it comes time to tap your tax-deferred accounts, your withdrawals will be taxed as ordinary income, which means the money is taxed at your top tax bracket.

What We Learned From the Bear/Bull Market
Looking back five years since the stock market bottomed out, you could glean a lesson or two from the stock market's plunge and subsequent recovery. Diversification works.

Accumulation time for gold and many of the gold mining stocks”
K.C. Grainger: “Keep in mind what Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Never interfere with an enemy when he is making a mistake.” So if some investors are dumping a stock(s) that your analysis suggests is undervalued, keep quiet and accumulate.

The Uncle Sam Savings Plan: 
Why Taxes Are Your
Biggest Expense and How to Get Them Under Control

Most of us assume that our mortgage or rent, student loans, or child care costs eat up 
the majority of our income, but the truth might surprise you. Our biggest expense? 
Taxes, says John Vento. He offers tips on ways to save when the taxman cometh.

Start It Up: Five Surprisingly Great Times to Launch Your Business
Many people want to start their own businesses, but feel that “it’s just not 
the right time.” Sean C. Castrina explains why five common excuses 
should actually be used as motivation to become your own boss.

Are Angel Investors the New Disruptors?
It’s easy to misunderstand how angel investors work and what they want. Ilya Strebulaev, an associate professor of finance at Stanford Graduate School of Business, gives seven basic insights to better understand angel investors.

Analysts project long-term growth of 37% for Geospace Technologies
Since 1980, Geospace Technologies has been developing products for seismic data acquisition as a part of the oil and gas industry's global search for more energy reserves. Recently, Geospace Technologies has successfully…

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd.
Shanghai waking up to the smell and taste of “DTS8 Coffee”; DTS8 Coffee Co. Ltd. now licensed to roast and sell “Don Manuel” brand premium Colombian coffee in China Market...READ MORE

Investor Beware: What The New Jobs Act Means To You
The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (better known as the JOBS Act of 2012) makes possible a mouthwatering variety of new investment options. But, says Chicago securities lawyer Andrew Stoltmann, the new law also creates “a disaster waiting to happen.”

Are You Penny-Pinching Yourself Out of Business?:
Five Expenses You Should Never, Ever Skimp On

If you’re a small business owner, it’s probably a vast understatement to say that you don’t have money to burn. But according to Sean C. Castrina, there are some areas in which it doesn’t pay to cut costs. Here, he outlines five areas in which you should never be cheap.

Is Your Company Posting without a Plan?
Eleven Essential Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy

Most businesses need a structured road map to create and manage successful social media programs. Here are eleven essential components your company’s social media strategy should include.

Lies Technology Tells: Five Unrealistic Expectations We Have
of Our “Smart”phones and Other Devices (and How to Get Back to Reality)

Our smartphones, tablets, and other devices are technological marvels, but unfortunately, they’ve diverted our attention away from what people can accomplish in conversations. Geoffrey Tumlin shares five unrealistic expectations we have for how our digital devices boost communication and provides advice to help us improve our communication with each other.

Attack of the Idea Killers:
Six Personality Types That Can Sabotage Your
Company’s Best Thinking (and How to Deal with Them)

Group brainstorming is a collaborative idea generation process that (theoretically) gets great results. Yet it takes only a couple of bad seeds to turn these sessions into unpleasant and unproductive nightmares.

Can Anyone Become a Millionaire?
Research Says ‘Yes;’ Expert Shares 4 Tips to Take You There No Matter What Your Income

Ten Common Pitfalls Executors and Administrators Should Avoid
Settling an estate and administering a trust can be complicated, messy, and time-consuming for individuals named as executors or trustees. Many executors and trustees have no previous experience with these matters, causing them to unwittingly commit costly errors. Here are ten pitfalls to avoid.

Lean In or Get Out: 11 Tips for Using Your Expertise to Create a Wickedly Successful Business
If you can’t lean in, get out? That’s what Vickie Milazzo recommends. She says women who are unhappy trudging up the corporate ladder should start their own businesses. She provides advice on how to use everything you’re really good at to bust out of the corporate world and start your own wickedly successful business.

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Batero Gold Corp.
Advancing of the La Cumbre oxide deposit which sits within Colombia’s emerging and prolific Mid Cauca gold and copper belt...READ MORE    

Your Child Can Retire with Millions!
Vita Nelson, The MoneyPaper: Children can grow very rich – very easily – because they have TIME on their side. Time is an investor’s greatest ally. It is the key element in the power of compounding, and combined with investments in the stock market (where the average annual return has been nearly 11% since 1926), the results can seem like magic. Here is a 20-stock DRIP portfolio made up of stocks we like for long-term accumulation.

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Puma Exploration --
Puma Exploration Discovers New High-Grade Silver-Gold Lens Using New Geological Model; Exploring Large Silver, Copper and Gold Projects in New Brunswick and Manitoba

No Money, No Problem: Eleven Tips for a Start-up
Business with Very Little Cash (and a Great Idea)

Many entrepreneurs kick off their ventures on a budget so lean it’s beyond shoestring; it’s dental floss! That’s especially true in an era where credit is almost impossible to come by. Michael Houlihan, one of the founders of Barefoot Wine, explains how to get the biggest possible bang out of very few start-up bucks.

9 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Much has been written about the classic financial mistakes that plague start-ups, family businesses, corporations and charities. Aside from these blunders, there are also some classic financial missteps that plague retirees.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day
     Discover the Cosmos

Fifteen Tips for Making Sure
You Are Better Off Four Years from Now

To improve your financial outlook during the next four years, read on for a few of Tyson’s tried and true personal finance tips.

Financial Advice for Newlyweds
People are waiting longer to get married. This means people also have time to accumulate more debt by the time they_tie the knot. Here's how to avoid financial stress.

Documents You Need When Disaster Strikes
Financial advisers say people who identify and prepare key documents long before calamity strikes can avoid unnecessary damage to their personal finances in the wake of a fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster. What you need...

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