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10 Great Stocks for the Next 10 Years — These 10 companies possess attractive long-range prospects: Each should be able to expand its sales and profits at rates well above the market average for years. And these companies are not too big to have a reasonable shot at quadrupling in market-value over the next decade (meaning annualized gains of 15%, or roughly double the projected return, including dividends, of the broad U.S. market).

3 Stocks to Benefit from a Trump Presidency — These 3 stocks, an aerospace and defense manufacturing stock, an oil and gas pipeline stock and a retail and commercial bank stock should benefit with Donald Trump as the new president of the United States.

10 Investing Tips for 2017 — Want to make it a profitable year? Here’s all you need to know.

10 Best Tips for Saving Money in 2017 How can you really up your savings game this year? Sarah Berger offers the following top tips for saving money in 2017.

10 Tips to Have an Awesome Mortgage in 2017 Whether you are buying a home or refinancing your loan, here are 10 mortgage tips for 2017.

Top 10 Retirement Tips for 2017 Don’t go on autopilot with your retirement planning, but be an active planner. Here are 10 retirement tips for achieving an early retirement age and improving your financial decision-making.

Digest of Investment NewslettersBuy/Sell advice from the world’s top-performing investment experts. Top Stock Picks of the Month. Seasoned advisors and traders give their “Buy” recommendations for Stocks with Strong Earnings Growth, Small- Mid-Cap Stocks, Blue Chips, Tech, Turnaround Situations, Mining Stocks, Oil & Gas Stocks and Trading Strategies.

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Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

Bet on these Battered Stocks — When a company faces a crisis, investors tend to sell first and ask questions later. Yet besieged stocks often start to recuperate as the headlines fade and investors anticipate a return to pre-crisis sales and profits. The trick, of course, is to find companies that are more likely to rebound from a setback than collapse entirely.

How E-Commerce Is Transforming Industrial REITs— E-commerce globally is growing faster than traditional retail sales and is expected to double over the next five years alone—leading to reinvigoration of a once-sleepy part of the real estate sector—warehouses and distribution centers: industrial REITs.

Regardless of election outcome, S&P 500 up 72.2% of the time — The actual presidential election outcome appears to have little bearing on S&P 500 performance in November and December. Regardless who wins, history still favors a typical yearend rally.

How to Choose a Mutual FundAs all fund companies will tell you, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. What else, then, is the best way to evaluate mutual funds?

Digest of Investment NewslettersWalt Disney Company: Strong cash flow and profitable growth; AT&T’s Improved Profile; Lear Corp: A growth company; Commodities and Gold – Down; Pfizer: One of the more attractive year-ahead growth plays in large pharma; Timely Ten undervalued stocks; and more...

Featured Companies:

Fairmont Resources: Consolidates Historic Quartzite Resource at Baie-Comeau
Puma Exploration: To acquire 100% of Murray Brook Deposit and significant land package in the Brunswick Belt in New Brunswick

The Bull & Bear: Market Trends and Stock Picks

Gold: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

John Ing, President & CEO, Maison Placements Canada believes Trump’s election is a major turning point. Despite the market’s enthusiasm for his inflation fuelling economic stimulus package of tax cuts and infrastructure spending, his anti-trade stance, the realities of deal-making and subsequent fence mending could hurt the US dollar, bond market and buoyant stock market. Ing believes the US dollar, once considered a haven, is vulnerable. Gold is a good thing to have against debt remonetisation, currency devaluation and the expected pickup in inflation, says Ing. He expects gold will reach $2,200 per ounce, within 18 months.

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Fairmont Resources Acquiring Major Dimension Stone Producer in Spain; Consolidates Historic Quartzite Resource at Baie-Comeau in Quebec
Fairmont Resources Inc. is a rapidly growing industrial mineral and dimensional stone company in the midst of acquiring a major dimension stone producer in Spain. The assets of Granitos de Badajoz (Grabasa) in Spain includes 23 quarries, premium quality dimension stone mine licenses, and a 42,000 square meter granite finishing facility for cutting and polishing. The company has annual production capacity of over 250,000 square meters and has produced finished granite installed in buildings across Europe. These mine licenses and processing facility will make Fairmont one of the largest granite producers in Europe...READ MORE

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Puma Exploration IDs Large Geophysical Anomalies at Turgeon VMS Project in New Brunswick
Fairmont Resources Inc. recently announced completion and logging of 12 drill holes in a 2015 drill program at its Forestville Quartzite Property, located 20 kilometres north-northwest of the town of Forestville, Quebec. The property is accessible by road, and is situated within 50 Km the Municipal Port of Forestville, Quebec, it has excellent logistics to the Great Lakes, Eastern Seaboard and Europe. Fairmont has optioned the property for the purpose of testing the chemical and physical properties of the quartzite as potential raw material source of high purity glass, fiber optics, ferrosilicon and silicon metal...READ MORE

Bull & Bear Featured Company:
Torex Gold Building First Gold Mine,
Defining Its Second... and Looking for More

Torex is a growth-oriented, Canadian-based resource company engaged in the exploration and development of its 100% owned Morelos Gold Property, an area of 29,000 hectares in the highly prospective Guerrero Gold Belt located 180 kilometers southwest of Mexico City...READ MORE

The Bull & Bear: Analysis, Strategies and Top Stock Picks

7 Late Moves to Cut Taxes this Year
As the days left in the year dwindle to a precious few, there’s still time to implement tax-saving strategies. Here are seven possibilities to consider.

How to Get a Great Deal on a Lease
Leasing accounted for nearly one in three new-car transactions in 2016. With a lease, you pay for a car's depreciation only over the term of the lease, which means payments are lower than if you financed the entire cost of the car. Plus, with most lease terms, you're always under warranty. Here are some terms you should know.

Gold Miners Dividend Increases may be Premature
A surge in gold has inspired some of the world’s largest bullion producers to increase dividends to attract yield-starved investors though some warn higher payouts may be too hasty in light of past mistakes.

Copper Rally – Too Good to be True?
Copper prices have risen in a near vertical line to its highest level since June 2015. Despite optimism from some quarters, there still appears little solid fundamental justification for the recent surge. Hopes for a jump in infrastructure spending in the United States following the election of Donald Trump will need to be built on concrete foundations, not just rhetoric. To read this Special Report on Copper by Thomson Reuters, click here...

Oil Services Stocks: Ready for a Lift
Ever since the collapse of oil prices that started in July 2014, companies that provide drilling rigs, equipment and related services have struggled to survive. Here are companies that will benefit greatly when drilling activity picks up again.

Gold Miners Dividend Increases may be Premature
A surge in gold has inspired some of the world’s largest bullion producers to increase dividends to attract yield-starved investors though some warn higher payouts may be too hasty in light of past mistakes.

Further Upside Likely for Precious Metals Prices in 2017
Key findings of the annual report Precious Metals Investment Focus 2016/17 published by Metals Focus an independent precious metals research house. A key finding: "of the four precious metals, palladium still enjoys the best supply/demand fundamentals, which eventually should exert some upward pressure on the price.

Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times
What is Trump’s True Agenda?
Jay Taylor,, interviews William Engdahl and Michael Oliver. Presidential candidate Trump appeared to be on the side of America’s downtrodden white middle class, offering to bring jobs back from overseas. He lambasted China, calling them foreign exchange cheaters. On the other hand, candidate Trump appeared to offer a warming of relations with Russia to the point where the Clinton campaign suggested Trump’s actions were treasonous. Historian Engdahl will provide his unique perspective on what he believes is Trump’s true agenda, namely to destroy China, Iran and Russia as America’s ruling elite move toward establishing a one world government under their control. What might that mean to the global monetary system and to various markets including the market for gold, oil and commodities in general? We will seek William’s longer-term vision on those questions and also ask Michael for his latest vision on the gold market following the sharp post-election decline for the yellow metal.

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Steer Clear Of These 7 Traps For IRA Owners
The rules for IRAs offer plenty of opportunities to save a tidy nest egg through contributions directly to the accounts as well as rollovers from 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored retirement plans. But if you don’t fully understand those rules for IRAs you could run into trouble.  Consider these seven common tax traps.

Diversification Can Help Make You a Better Investor
Although investors tend to hem and haw about whether to buy this stock or sell that fund, research shows that 88 percent of a portfolio's ups and downs over time are explained by its asset allocation…

Why Being Friends With Your Broker Could Cost You Money
Building a trusting relationship with a financial professional is important. But be wary of becoming too close.

The Best Mutual Funds and ETFs
Kiplinger’s top picks of funds with low minimums or low fees, and funds that invest in dividend payers.

U.S. Winter Forecast: Frequent Snow to Blast Northeast;
Freeze May Damage Citrus Crop in Central Florida
AccuWeather reports it will feel like an extended winter for those living from the northern Plains to the eastern U.S., as cold and snowy conditions stretch into spring 2017. Meanwhile, drier and milder weather will focus on the majority of the southern half of the nation. The Southeast may mark the exception as a chilly January threatens to damage the region's citrus crop. 

The Golden Rule of Estate Planning: Your Spouse Comes First
RBC Wealth Management Offers Tips to Help Married Couples Leave a Family Financial Legacy

You Can Negotiate Anything:
13 Negotiating Techniques Taught at the Wharton School of Business

Everything is open for negotiation – even prices, schedules, and product offerings that seem carved in stone. Steven G. Blum, who teaches at the Wharton School of Business, says no one has to just accept what's offered…but first you must hone your negotiating skills.

What to Ask Before Investing in Natural Resource Stocks
Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., says that the 'management interview' is critical before investing in any junior resource company. Here are the questions to ask before investing.

Brent Cook Reveals His Rules and Guidelines for Evaluating Junior Exploration Projects and Companies
Independent exploration analyst, Brent Cook and a number of his accomplished friends have compiled a list of "must read" rules and guidelines for evaluating junior exploration projects and companies.

Documents You Need When Disaster Strikes
Financial advisers say people who identify and prepare key documents long before calamity strikes can avoid unnecessary damage to their personal finances in the wake of a fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster. What you need...

Five Username Mistakes That Can Be Worse Than Using the Same Password for All Your Online Accounts
Usernames that you have created for email accounts, social media could be delivering all their private details into the hands of cyber criminals – no password needed. These five common mistakes should be avoided when creating a username.

The Bull & Bear NewsWire

Kirkland Rejects C$1.44 bln Gold Fields, Silver Standard Offer
Canada’s Kirkland Lake Gold Inc rejected a previously unreported takeover offer from South Africa’s Gold Fields Ltd and Silver Standard Resources valuing the business at C$1.44 billion ($1 billion).

Is Art a Good Investment?
A group of researchers say you should buy paintings if you like looking at them, but not to make money
Art has been emerging as a new asset class for the well-diversified portfolio. The reported returns are enough to catch anyone’s eye: the index of fine art sales, used by art advisors to sell art funds, shows an average annual return of 10% over the past four decades. Investors are embracing art-as-an-asset-class as if it were a newly discovered van Gogh. But is it?

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Start It Up: Five Surprisingly Great Times to Launch Your Business
Many people want to start their own businesses, but feel that “it’s just not 
the right time.” Sean C. Castrina explains why five common excuses 
should actually be used as motivation to become your own boss.

No Money, No Problem: Eleven Tips for a Start-up
Business with Very Little Cash (and a Great Idea)

Many entrepreneurs kick off their ventures on a budget so lean it’s beyond shoestring; it’s dental floss! That’s especially true in an era where credit is almost impossible to come by. Michael Houlihan, one of the founders of Barefoot Wine, explains how to get the biggest possible bang out of very few start-up bucks.

9 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Much has been written about the classic financial mistakes that plague start-ups, family businesses, corporations and charities. Aside from these blunders, there are also some classic financial missteps that plague retirees.

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