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In Gold We Trust Report 2020
The 14th edition of In Gold We Trust report, titled “The Dawning of a Golden Decade”, published by Incrementum AG is available to be downloaded with 17 chapters and 350 pages. Fund managers and authors of the report Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek look at how the gold price has developed; what the state of the economy is; how government, corporate, and household debt has changed, and how this will affect inflation in the months to come. Mining Stocks, Silver with price projections.
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Election-Year June:
Candidate Clarity Boosts Performance

June has shone brighter on Nasdaq stocks over the last 49 years as a rule ranking seventh with an average 0.8% average gain, up 27 of 49 years.

Stocks With Staying Power
Nothing feeds fear in the stock market like uncertainty, and nothing spreads fear and uncertainty like a global pandemic. As coronavirus worries infected the financial markets, stocks tumbled at a record pace. But smart investors are greedy when others are fearful, and this time is no different.

Gold Stocks’ Bull Run Has Only Begun
Gold’s rise shows that investors are nervous. While gold is a barometer of investor anxiety, over the longer term, gold is a hedge in both deflationary and inflationary times, explains John Ing, President and CEO, Maison Placements Canada. He thinks that after the deflationary Covid-19 forces abate, the consequences of the largest fiscal stimulus in history will prove to be inflationary, maybe even hyperinflationary. Ing continues to call for a near term target of $2,200 an ounce but expects higher prices before the end of this cycle. Here are his gold stock recommendations:

Finding Companies Ready to Rise to the Challenge
Friess Associates believes that investors who maintain longer-term horizons will one day, in retrospect, come to view the pandemic-triggered bear market of 2020 as an opportune time to put money to work in stocks. Friess reviews four current holdings: Zoom Video Communications, Pappa John’s, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Keysight Technologies.

Stale Beer Anyone?
The beer industry is sitting on roughly 10 million gallons of unused beer abandoned in hospitality venues and even more stuck at distributors' warehouses. The staling beer could cost the industry as much as $1 billion.

A Contrarian Case for Investing In This Long-Term Care Stock
As our society deals with an unprecedented lockdown in response to COVID-19, the long-term care industry has come sharply into focus. Benj Gallander, editor, Contra The Heard newsletter makes a case for Extendicare – seeing capital appreciation of better than 50 per cent over the next five years.
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Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet
Report Quarterly Financial Results

Ingrid Hendershot, CEO, Hendershot Investments, an investment management firm, reviews Quarterly Results for four of the firms’ portfolio holdings: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet. TipRanks gives price targets and analyst ratings.

Can Gold Love a Coronavirus Crisis?
Gold loves a crisis, the old adage goes. And with prices up 13% this year to their highest since 2012 and many predicting further gains as investors search for safe places to put their money, it looks true for the coronavirus crisis so far.

Stocks for Green Investors
Here are some companies that are taking up the sustainability challenge and addressing pressing environmental problems – too much trash, scarce resources and increasingly intractable weather woes.

Beyond the Coronavirus Market:
Five Red Flags Every Investor Should Heed

Will the coronavirus crash the stock market? Who knows. But Peter J. Mougey says considering that "once in a lifetime" market crashes now happen once a decade, you're better off worrying about investment issues you can control. Here, he shines a light on bad, life-ruining advice many investors get – and what you can do to recognize and avoid it.

Dudley Baker: Gold Junior Warants to
Provide Huge Leverage in Coming Bull Market

In an interview with Tom Bodrovics, Palisade Radio, Dudley Baker, CommonStockWarrants.com, discusses stock warrants and why companies decide if they want their warrants to trade publicly. There are opportunities to trade these even if you’re not an accredited investor. He remains concerned that mine closures could occur even in a rising gold price environment. Many mining stocks are in decline due to the risks with coronavirus. There are opportunities right now as many stocks are currently on sale, investors need to remain patient.
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COMMODITIES – Reuters Technical Analysis Q2 Outlook 2020
Oil price may collapse to near $10 a barrel in the second quarter, before starting a year-long bounce. Palm oil, gold and base metals may keep sliding., while grains and softs are likely to shoot up. The dollar index looks steady on an uptrend, while U.S. dollar is playing the role of a safe haven again, reports Wang Tao, Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technical.
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The New Best Choice Cloud Software
The Market Timer App by Best Choice Software is a cloud-based computer program covering stocks, mutual funds and options. It maintains a historical database of both price and earnings of over 8000 US. Stocks. All the data resides on the cloud so Market Timer can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Leave The Legacy You Want With This End-Of-Life Checklist
A lifetime of hard work may have rewarded you with a nice home and hefty bank accounts, but what happens to all those assets once you’re gone?

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Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

GOLD: The Piper Must Be Paid – Gold has topped $1,600, the highest since 2013 as the coronavirus contagion continues. John Ing, President and CEO, Maison Placements Canada, believes gold will top $2,200 an ounce. Reviewed Companies: Agnico Eagle Mines, Barrick Gold, B2Gold, Centamin PLC, Centerra Gold, Kinross Gold, IAMGold, Lundin Gold, New Gold and Yamana Gold.

Beware the Roaring ‘20s – Stocks are expensive, bond prices appear gold-plated, and real estate investment trusts just finished their best year since 2006. Gold is on a roll. The case for caution is legitimate.

Bull & Bear’s Digest of Investment Newsletters – Buy/Sell advice from seasoned investment advisors and traders. These experts give their Top Stock Picks, Trading Strategies and Market Trends. Companies mentioned: Genuine Parts, First Solar, Pfizer, Central Garden & Pet, Anavex, Allied Motion, Sibanye-Stillwater, Exxon Mobil, Amplify Energy, Peabody Energy, Viacom to name a few.

Invest in a Landmark – If you have a yen for history and want to invest in a landmark, here are four ways to do it.

Soros Snaps Up These 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks – Looking into George Soros' basket of stocks, TipRanks chose three of the fund’s new holdings that TipRanks’ Stock Screener reveals as “strong buys.”

Bull & Bear Insider – Reuters Q2 Commodities Outlook. 6 Legal Documents to Have Ready In Case You Get COVID-19. Shark Tank Star Daymond John Offers Game Plan for Surviving Financial Storm. COVID-19 Wipes $282bn from the Top 50 Mining Companies. Dudley Baker on Gold Junior Warrants.

The Bull & Bear: Market Trends, Trading & Investment Ideas

World Silver Survey 2020
Global silver demand pushed higher in 2019, with a 12 percent increase in investment demand as retail and institutional investors focused their attention on the long-term investment appeal of the metal. Outlook for 2020.

Silver Beats Gold by 5x
VIDEO – David Morgan, The Morgan Report: Silver is undervalued when you look at the gold-to-silver ratio, which now stands at a staggering 1:106. Silver is riding on the coattails of the gold rally. With a growing universe of negative interest rates, central banks debasing paper currencies, central banks accumulating gold, slowing global growth and coronavirus uncertainty, “gold has become a logical safe harbor for institutional investors. Gold preserves wealth, but silver can make you rich.
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Silver to be Critical to Solar Power Generation Market Over Next 10 Years
Silver is the Most Reliable Metal for Solar Energy Output. With solar power generation expected to nearly double by 2025, this sector is projected to remain an important and consistent source of industrial demand for silver over the next ten years, while underscoring silver’s role as a green metal.
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Platinum Surplus will remain Modest Despite Coronavirus Chaos
Platinum demand will plummet by 18% this year and supply by 13% as the coronavirus batters the global economy, leaving the market with a moderate surplus.

Keeping Calm in the Coronavirus Market:
Eight Guidelines to Help You Make Smart Decisions (at Every Age)

Peter Mougey explains how to avoid knee-jerk, fear-based reactions; how to talk to your financial advisor; and how to make sound decisions that fit your unique circumstances.

Doing the (Stock Market) Math:
Three Rules for Retired Investors

If you're making withdrawals from your retirement account, you need to understand the math behind your financial advisor's strategy. Peter Mougey says you should make sure they are following three critical rules.

A Cheat Sheet for Annual Reports
The information in a Form 10-K, the annual report that public U.S. companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, can steer you toward winning stocks and away from losing ones. Nellie S. Huang, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Here’s what to look for.

“How Do I Let Good People Go at a Time Like This?” Six Ways to Deliver the Bad News With Love
Right now, with anxiety at an all-time high, how you do the dreaded deed really matters. Deb Boelkes says heartfelt leaders approach layoffs the same way they lead – with compassion, candor, and reassurance about the future.

Leading in Uncertain Times: 10 Ways to Help Employees Cope with the Pandemic
Quint Studer says how leaders behave right now will be remembered long after this crisis has passed. Here are some things you can do to help employees stay calm, focused, and informed.

How Investors Can Survive the
Economic Fallout from COVID-19

Call it the COVID Collapse. Global financial markets spiraled into bear market territory in record time thanks to the virulent, cross-border spread of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 infection.

6 Legal Documents To Have Ready In Case You Get COVID-19
Who will make decisions about your finances and health (maybe even your life) if you get COVID-19? Here is a guide to estate planning during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Seven Unexpected Ways to Make Your Online Meeting More Engaging
You can't run a good virtual meeting without engaged participants – and with much of the U.S. workforce working from home, knowing how to grab and hold their attention is Job One. Howard Tiersky shares some simple "plot twists" to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

How to Look Better on Video Calls
VIDEO: In this video, you’ll learn how to look good on Skype or on any video call. These tips will help you feel more confident on camera and create a professional setup for your video calls. Whether you have a business call, job interview or client presentation, it’s vital that... View Video.

The SECURE Act of 2019
While much public and media attention was focused on impeachment in December 2019, the most extensive change to retirement savings legislation since 2006 was signed into law. The SECURE Act was included in the year-end spending bill that Congress approved, and signed into law by President Trump.

The Bull & Bear NewsWire

Argonaut Gold Announces Resumption of Full Operations at All Mines
Argonaut Gold Inc. announced that mining, crushing and stacking activities have resumed at the El Castillo mine and San Agustin mine, which together form the El Castillo Complex located in Durango, Mexico, and the La Colorada mine located in Sonora, Mexico.

Argonaut Gold Q1 Operating and Financial Results
Quarterly production of 41,536 gold equivalent ounces and net cash reserves of $6.0 million. Restarting operations on June 1, 2020.

Ulta Beauty Report Q1 Results
Ulta Beauty reported fiscal first quarter sales of $1.2 billion, down 33% from last year, and a net loss of $78.5 million, or $1.39 per share, compared with net income of $192 million, or $3.26 per share reported last year.

Lundin Gold Begins Steps to Resume Operations at Fruta Del Norte
Lundin Gold Inc. announced that its first phases for restart of operations at Fruta del Norte ("Fruta del Norte" or the "Mine") are well underway.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. is starting a phased ramp-up of operational activities today at its Avino Mine near Durango, Mexico.
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. is starting a phased ramp-up of operational activities today at its Avino Mine near Durango, Mexico.

Amazon.com Announces First Quarter Results
Amazon.com, Inc. announced financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Royal Dutch Shell
Shell cut its dividend for the first time in 80 years and suspended the next tranche of its share buybacks as oil demand collapses.

Avino Reports Q1 Financial Results
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd., a primarily silver producer and explorer in Mexico, announced its consolidated financial results for the Company’s first quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Puma Increases Key Land Packages
in the new Triple Fault Gold Area

Puma Exploration Inc. has recently increased its land position at the Triple Fault Gold area, by adding 141 mining claims adjacent to and interior of its current land holdings.

Torex Gold Reports Q1 2020 Production Results
Torex Gold Resources Inc. announced Q1 gold production of 108,537 ounces of gold. Gold sold during Q1 was 108,064 ounces at an average realized gold price of $1,571/oz.

Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd:
Kirkland Lake Gold Reports Strong Q1 2020 Production of 330,864 ounces, an increase of 98,985 ounces or 43% from 231,879 ounces for the first quarter Q1 2019.

United Technologies and Raytheon Complete Merger of Equals Transaction
United Technologies merger with Raytheon Technologies has been completed with United Technologies changing its name to Raytheon Technologies Corp. and the ticker symbol changing to “RTX”.

No Money, No Problem: Eleven Tips for a Start-up
Business with Very Little Cash (and a Great Idea)

Many entrepreneurs kick off their ventures on a budget so lean it’s beyond shoestring; it’s dental floss! That’s especially true in an era where credit is almost impossible to come by. Michael Houlihan, one of the founders of Barefoot Wine, explains how to get the biggest possible bang out of very few start-up bucks.

9 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Much has been written about the classic financial mistakes that plague start-ups, family businesses, corporations and charities. Aside from these blunders, there are also some classic financial missteps that plague retirees.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the Cosmos—Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

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