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Ag Market Report:
August Important Bullish Turning Point for Most Ag Markets

“We urge everyone to prepare well ahead of what should be a momentous Labor Day Week-end as the possible imposition of tariffs on 200 billion worth of Chinese products and/or the imposition of a dramatic US Ag financial mitigation program conspire to turn up the heat on US/Chinese trade relations,” says Shawn Hackett, Hackett Money Flow Commodity Agricultural Report,

“We are continuing to expect August to be a very important bullish turning point for most Ag markets.

As of right now, we have informed smart money algorithm buy signals in MN wheat, sugar, coffee and lean hogs. Weather in the US looks to be very favorable with a cooler and wetter pattern developing heading into August while international weather remains more problematic.

This would tend to favor wheat over corn and beans. We think the big weather story just down the road is the expanding drought in central Brazil that is expected to continue.

This should provide for a wild period for upward volatility in Ag prices and a chaotic Brazilian growing season.” Editor’s Note: Shawn Hackett provides commodity market analysis for hedgers and investors,

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