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Hackett Money Flow
Agricultural Report

Weather volatility continues to ratchet up as the grande solar cycle minimum inflicts ever greater aberrant influences on global weather patterns.

It will be getting much worse in the years just ahead, notes Shawn Hackett, President, of Hackett Financial Advisors, publisher of Hackett All Ag Report.

As we had been forecasting for many months, the wheat market continues to outperform corn and beans as global weather problems persist.

CBOT winter wheat and KC winter wheat are testing major overhead resistance at the $6/bu level.

We are at the moment of truth as to whether the winter wheat bull market hits hyper drive by breaking above this level or whether large U.S. corn and soybean harvests weigh the wheat market down from being able to do this.

MN spring wheat on the other hand has broken above the key $6/bu level and seems poised to enter a runaway advance given the high quality wheat shortage that is developing globally.

Keep an eye on India as it appears the monsoon in the month of August is going to come up short especially for NW cotton areas and south central sugar areas both comprising 50% of total India production.

We have recorded a special podcast video on the coffee market to highlight the current historic extremes in capital flows and looming weather problems approaching for the upcoming flowering season this fall.

Already, unusual heavy rains in early August are compromising next years off-season crop adversely.

To watch this brief 12-minute podcast on the coffee market Click Here

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