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The Defense Sector is
Poised for Exceptional Growth

The heaviest sector that The Personal Capitalist is invested in is Defense, representing 14.48% of the portfolio.

Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF (PPA) is our number one portfolio concentration at 8.19%, with Raytheon (RTN) at 6.29%. We are enjoying a 500%+ profit in RTN bought in 2003 and a 208%+ profit in PPA bought in 2017. Much of this is due to the President's focus on the military with the largest budget in history for defense spending. He also is allowing the sale of defense products to foreign countries, a first for any presidential administration. We continue to favor the defense sector which we feel is poised for exceptional growth. Keep in mind, however, that defense stocks tend to tract security considerations and, as such, are occasionally subject to volatility as markets attempt to digest cycles of international events. Long term, we like this sector very much and plan to hold our shares.”

Source: The Personal Capitalist, 9524 East 81st Street Ste. B #1715, Tulsa, OK 74133. 1 year, 24 issues, $195. 

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