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Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Even in markets run by Presidential tweets and Federal Reserve whims, there are a few irreversible trends that will make fortunes for investors.

Dozens of today’s top experts are going to provide the inside track to these trends at the world’s most exclusive and profitable investment event.

The New Orleans Investment Conference has a long history of attracting insightful – even legendary – figures on the geopolitical and economic stages. This year is no exception as featured speakers include Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore, controversial political commentator Kevin D. Williamson, popular trading authority Dennis Gartman, famed contrarian Doug Casey, Fed expert Danielle DiMartino Booth, and respected contrarian advisor Peter Boockvar. Mark Skousen, editor in chief of Forecasts & Strategies, a popular award winning investment newsletter. Plus renowned experts like Mike Larson, Robert Prechter, Stephen Hochberg and more.

For well over four decades – through some of the most turbulent and dangerous times in investing – the record shows there is no better place to find profits and safety than the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference. But this year’s blockbuster event is destined to be one of the most rewarding in the 45-year history of the New Orleans Investment Conference. Why? Because while most investors are being whip-sawed by President Trump’s tweets and Federal Reserve tea leaves, you’ll get the inside track on a few powerful, irreversible trends that will create fortunes in the months ahead. Consider these mega-trends in progress at this very moment:

GOLD: “Easy Money Forever”
Means Much Higher Prices

The New Orleans Investment Conference has led more investors to profits in gold than any other event in the world.

In fact, their organization was instrumental in getting gold ownership legalized in 1974…and their first conference was specifically held to teach investors how to buy the metal!

Today finds the world’s central bankers locked into an “easy money forever” mode that is extremely bullish for gold.

This is no idle speculation: The Fed recently gave up on rate hikes and is now expected to actually begin cutting rates in the near future. This should propel metals prices much higher – so once again the most successful gold experts are featured at the New Orleans Conference.

You’ll get the top strategies and picks of Rick Rule, Peter Schiff, Brien Lundin, Adrian Day, Brent Cook, Bill Murphy, Byron King, Chris Powell, Gerardo Del Real, Gwen Preston, Lobo Tiggre, Thom Calandra, Omar Ayales, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Dana Samuelson and more.

Green Fever in Cannabis

Fortunes are being made right now in the booming cannabis sector…but many investors are wondering how to get involved – and how to avoid the inevitable busts in this quickly evolving industry.

Have no fear, as New Orleans 2019 is featuring the experts who are finding the biggest winners, including Sean Brodrick of Marijuana Millionaires...Matt Carr of the Oxford Club...and Nick Hodge of Outsider Club.

They’ll not only show you the specific cannabis sub-sectors that will be the long-term winners, but they’ll also reveal their hottest picks in this red-hot arena.

The Future is Now:
Artificial Intelligence, Energy Metals

FinTech and Other Juggernaut Trends We live in an amazing world of lightning-fast technological transformation.

Artificial intelligence is already taking control of many areas of society and our economy.

The electrification of transportation will completely change how we travel and place huge strains on supplies of a few key metals and materials.

The very foundations of finance are being rebuilt thanks to blockchain technology and crypto currencies, creating huge opportunities for profit (along with some real dangers).

Other powerful trends – all with their own potential rewards and risks – include clean energy, artificial intelligence, crypto currencies, e-sports, streaming media and 5G and more.

All of these will be addressed, and more, at New Orleans 2019. Noted technology financier Ross the world’s leading energy metals expert, Simon Moores...and the Oxford Club’s tech expert Matt Carr will explore the opportunities in all of these powerful trends.

They’ll also join Nick Hodge on the inaugural panel, “The Next Big Thing(s)” to discuss every aspect of today’s rapidly shifting tech landscape.

And none other than the acclaimed “Real Estate Guys” – Russ Gray and Robert Helms - will give a soup-to-nuts review of opportunities in real estate, from multi-family to luxury resort to assisted living and more.

Plus: The cutting-edge Peak Prosperity team of Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart will examine key trends in energy, the economy, the environment and technology that threaten our quality of life, and how you can prepare for them.

How special is this event?

• It’s attracted dozens of the most celebrated figures in modern history, including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedmanˆ, ˆF.A. Hayek, Barry Goldwater, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger, Ron Paul and more. • It boasts a reputation of inviting only the most successful and deadly-accurate analysts – many of whom save their best recommendations to unveil on our stage.

• It’s brought together the most sophisticated and successful individual investors – mavericks who don’t follow the herd, but rather search for valuable, unhedged and unbiased information.

This is why previous attendees will attest the New Orleans Conference has never failed to deliver stock picks that have doubled...tripled...even quadrupled in value during the weeks and months following the conference. But many of the picks do much better.

FACT: A number of stocks recommended at recent Conferences have gone on to multiply over 20 times in value – enough to turn a modest $5,000 investment into a whopping $100,000...or $25,000 into half a million dollars.

And whenever the metals and mining shares are in a bull market – as they may be beginning right now – the New Orleans Conference really shines.

Over their history, the New Orleans Conference is known for showing investors how to shield their wealth during turbulent times…and how to build fortunes from the powerful strategies and specific picks the renowned speakers provide in a gold bull market.

In fact...

Ironclad Guarantee that You’ll Quadruple Your Investment

This opportunity is so important…and the sponsors are so confident that the New Orleans Conference will pay for itself many times over…that they’ll offer you this ironclad guarantee:

If you attend New Orleans 2019 and don’t make back at least four times the money you paid to register – in six months or less – just let them know.

You’ll receive a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee. Every penny.

You can’t lose!

Correction: You can lose…if you don’t act immediately to secure your place at New Orleans 2019.

But here’s the problem: The registration fee is about to rise significantly, and they could completely sell out at any point. So if you hope to get in at the current early-bird rate…and enjoy the quadruple-your-money-or-it’s FREE guarantee...

...You’ll need to call 1-800-648-8411 right now or click this link to learn more and register: Click Here to Register for New Orleans 2019.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE Gold Club status ($189 value) when you register. Here’s how to do it: Click the link below, then click on the green “Tickets” bar. Then enter
FREEGOLDCLUB as your Promotional Code to lock in your free Gold Club upgrade.

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