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Teck Resources:
A Potential Double – Alan Lancz

Alan Lancz, editor, The Lancz Letter, recently recommended Teck Resources Ltd. (TSX: TECK; $19.69) a Vancouver Canada based company that acquired a diversified group of commodity assets, including steel making coal, copper, and zinc.

“Management has done an excellent job in acquiring valuable mines at discount prices that have not been reflected in Teck's shareholder valuation. The company plans to reduce risk by not developing some of these huge mines in Peru, Mexico, and Chile, and may even sell a portion of these assets as commodity prices continue to rise.

Subscribers and members know that over the past two years we have recommended natural gas investments as the glut pushed prices sub $2. LanczGlobal's analysts had natural gas as the best low risk/high return hedge for the upcoming inflation we expected into 2021, and beyond. The fact that natural gas prices have already exceeded our $5 target for 2024 in the midst of a pandemic illustrates the power of tactically buying when others despise the space.

It may take a while for most investors to realize this, but copper is critical in every aspect of achieving low carbon goals on a global basis. LanczGlobal's analysis continues to like copper, zinc, and strategic metals, much of which asset rich Trek Resources own.

The EV (Electric Vehicle) and battery growth over the next few years will only push prices higher and make companies like Teck show impressive growth. The fact that management plans to also use this growth to improve its balance sheet and return monies to shareholders is another big plus. We strongly recommend purchase at current levels for a potential double in valuation over the next 1-2 years.” Analysis: Teck Resources (TSX: TECK) is rated a “Strong Buy” based on the 18 Wall Street Analysts offering stock ratings for TECK in the last 3 months. 14 analysts rate TECK a “Buy” and 4 analysts a “Hold.” The average price target is $31.69 with a high forecast of $38.01 and a low forecast of $26.69.

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